In the beginning of my architectural education I had little confidence in computers. Architecture seemed to have become limited by, or maybe in spite of, digital technique. Spectacular, large-scale elements were foregruonded at the expense of richness in detail and deeper analysis. Designing a house was a fast process but the result often lacked the material sensuality of older buildings.

At the same I knew it was impossible to invest the necessary amount of time and energy in producing beautiful handmade drawings, as architects used to do in the pre-computer era. Those skills belong to a world gone by. The patience and dedication it requires does not fit into the stressed time we live in.

First when I got to know the 3D-modeling device on a deeper level, did I realize that it really has a great potential for things simply unexistent before. The loss of manual artistry and the handicraft skills of the former generations could be compensated for by a new effectivness. Details, materials, textures could be studied more thoroughly with digital technique than by traditional drawing methods. So, it could actually be better than before, although in a different way!

About me: I have a multifaceted background with a degree in arhitecture and a small business as a self-employed, experience of architectural writing and illustration. At present I use ArchiCad with Light Works, and during the last couple of years I have spent about 1000 hours testing digital models of different materials and textures, and constructing parametric 3D-objects (so-called gdl-objects), that can be inserted in larger projects as exchangeable details such as windows, doors, railings etc


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